Short Films

The Fist

February 10th 2018 / Boston, USA

An aimless boy wanders Boston, overthinking life into oblivion.

Starring Aaron Dowdy /  Written & Directed by Ray Mullin / Cinematography by Silas Goodman / Edited by Ray Mullin & Silas Goodman / Music by John Luther Adams & Levi Saelua


Save the Cat!

December 21th 2016 / Boston, USA

A young director doubting her abilities travels inwards in an attempt to write what she knows.

Starring Emma Cuba, Mallika Chandaria, Alex Hatcher & Silas Goodman /  Written & Directed by Silas Goodman / Music by Silas Goodman

This is my final project for Production 1. I became struck with writer's block a week before it was due and so I chose to make it  about myself... I was selected to be shown at the Prod. 1 screening and on BUTV10.

A Day in the life of Alex Borges

December 14th 2016 / Boston, USA

A short documentary about my friend Alex Borges.

For the second assignment for my Production 1 class, we had to create a short documentary without the use of sync sound; all the sounds had to be added in post.

Scene 1A, Take 1

October 4th 2016 / Boston, USA

An experimental silent short that seeks to break down the barrier between the creation of art and art itself.

Starring Claudia Watanabe /  Director – Silas Goodman / Sound – Will Anderson

This was my first assignment for my Production 1 class at Boston University.