Rêverie is a semi-concept album, comprised of songs I wrote over the past three years. Being surrounded by so many talented friends and acquaintances at home in Switzerland was my inspiration and motivation for this project; I wished to collaborate one last time with them before my imminent departure for Boston. It was only in the last weeks before recording began that I realized the album was principally about this departure and my apprehension towards it (as well as many other things). However, things didn’t go quite as planned and I didn’t manage to finish it before I left for the United States which caused me to seek the aide of many more talented acquaintances who very quickly became good friends. Thus, instead of being a final project with old friends it became a collaboration with old and new ones, a stepping stone between the two worlds. As a whole, Rêverie is the product of this beautiful collaboration and an experimentation of style, form, lyricism and instrumentation. But enough said. Place à la musique…

All materials were written and composed by Silas Goodman.

Silas Goodman (vocals, piano, guitar, sound engineer)
Basile Ausländer (cello)
Lionel Borloz (bass guitar)
Vanessa de Luze (violin, viola)
Rebecca Strong Gracia (cello for “October”)
Kevin Long (upright)
Mathis Pellaux (drum kit, vibraphone, glockenspiel)
Pierre Voltchkoff (sound engineer for piano)

This album was mixed by Silas Goodman with the help of Pierre Voltchkoff.

Mastered by Misjah@24Mastering

Artwork designed and sculpted by Klea Ott.

This album was sponsored by Astride and Philippe Schyrr.

Special Thanks:
Sybille Chappuis
Nicolas de Luze
Johnny Doley
Romain Favre
Alice & Timothy Goodman
Jeanne Goodman
Maël Graa
John Iacovino
Valentin Klaus
Artur Papp
Maxime Paschoud
Jean-Claude Reber
Laurence Thomas
Ellie Van Gele
Solène Wagen

A distinguished thanks to Jean-Claude Reber and Le Conservatoire de musique Ecole de Jazz Montreux-Vevey-Riviera for allowing us to record in their facilities, and to Astride and Philippe Schyrr for their generous donation.

Many thanks to all that helped organize and/or were present at the Fundraiser for the album. A special thanks to Helen & Ian McDonald and Jean-Noël Alex de Réland for allowing us to use St. Andrew’s Hall for the Fundraiser and the “Vernissage.”

I would also like to thank the congregation of the Scots Kirk Lausanne for all their support over the many years.